Debunk-all-rules: A Dessert for Breakfast

Have you imagined you can start your day with a sweet and delicious breakfast that looks like a dessert but it is nutritious and healthy? Yes, you can!

Blend a cup of frozen or raw strawberries with 2 bananas and 2 carrots and add a spoon of carob powder to get the chocolaty flavor and look. You may substitute it for raw cacao but I personally prefer carob powder as it is not a stimulant and won`t affect your blood pressure. Moreover, it improves digestion and lowers cholesterol levels in the blood; acts as natural antioxidant and is rich in calcium, selenium and vitamin E.

Little tip: Get the habit of adding greens to your smoothies. By adding 2-3 leaves of lettuce and 1-2 sticks of celery, which won`t affect the taste at all, you will not only increase the mineral content of your breakfast but your blood sugar will remain steady and you will be full longer!

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For decoration: Why don`t we add some beauty to our morning meal?! Top your smoothie bowl with unsweetened coconut flakes, raisins and hemp seeds (or anything of your choice that is not processed or artificially flavored).

Serve and enjoy!


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