Strawberry delight on a banana plate

This is a very easy to make dessert with few ingredients and amazing fresh flavor – easy on the digestion and great for the waistline (fully raw and sugar&fat free).

You would need:

– a pint of strawberries

– a couple of bananas (around 5)

– 4-5 Medjol dates

–  a spoon of carob powder (or raw cacao)

– unflavored coconut flakes for decoration

Optional spices:

nutmeg, clove and vanilla

Step 1, First blend your bananas, preferably frozen for extra creaminess, with a touch of nutmeg and without adding water – changing from low to medium speed on your blender.

You will get a thick consistence perfect for the base of the dessert. Another optional trick is to add a spoon of psyllium husk – a natural fiber aiding digestion and also giving volume to the banana cream.

Step 2, Pour your banana cream into a flat bowl  and then blend one normal banana with 4-5 dates. I added vanilla and clove to the mixture as it gives a liqueur-like taste. Seriously delicious!

Step 3, Now that you`ve placed the banana-date sauce upon the banana cream you can decorate your dessert with strawberries, and a spoon of carob powder and coconut flakes on top.

Featured image

Keep the dessert in the fridge for preferably 4-5 hours and share it with your family or friends.

Let me know if you liked it!



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