No-sugar HIGH-CARB post-workout TREAT

No sugar and high-carb? Yes, you`ve got it! – An absofruitley healthy raw dessert that would replenish your sore muscles, soothe your cravings for sweets and even help you lose an inch by providing you with fiber, vitamins and minerals.

For this recipe:

Blend on low scale 3-4 fresh strawberries with a cup of frozen berries and a couple of frozen bananas (you can use normal ones too but make sure they`re ripe and spotty) with half of cup of non-dairy milk. I used flax milk but coconut, almond or even hemp ones work just as good. The quantity of the bananas should depend on how hard you worked. You can climb your way from one to as much as you desire. Bananas are important to be eaten ripen since this is when they are best for you – digesting very fast and giving you their most nutritional benefits ->!

Swirl a spoon of carob powder or cacao on top and make it pretty to look at with a topping of your taste and desire. I used raisins, hemp seeds and nutmeg.

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If you are wondering how come fructose in fruit is not created equal as the sugar that comes in chocolate – check out this short video.

This post-workout berry heaven tastes as good as it looks. Give it a try and opt to stay away of processed desserts. Fruit is called the nature`s candy for a reason and in my opinion is just divine 😉

You can find different fruit-inspired recipes on my blog as well.



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