Tropical Breeze Smoothie

It`s getting hotter and I am getting dreamy about the sea. Here is a quick fix how to bring the “Hawaiian” taste in your smoothie. Blend some chard, few stick of celery, a couple of bananas, oz of frozen pineapple chunks and coconut water and enjoy! Follow me on Facebook Other smoothie ideas

“Fast” Food on the GO: Quick recipes!

Smoothies can be used for either a meal substitute (like breakfast) or for a quick energy boost between meals that would give you not only more natural vitality and endurance but will also keep you from not going overboard with caffeine or other stimulants. Smoothies are easy to prepare and carry on the road and…

“No fig left behind” Smoothie

Smoothie bowls are a great way to get full and satiated while feeling light and energetic. Equation coming from choosing raw wholesome foods over packaged and high-fructose processed breakfast goodies that impede your digestion and glucose levels. Even if you go for the second kind occasionally your body will manage to balance itself out easier if…

Feel the light from within

Happy Mother`s Day! Let us nurture our mental equilibrium and treat our body as our temple by eating in balance and praising food as our healer – endeavoring in its wholesome nature that comes with no additives or artificial colors. Eat in abundance but learn to enjoy the texture of simple food <3 FacebookPage