“Fast” Food on the GO: Quick recipes!

Smoothies can be used for either a meal substitute (like breakfast) or for a quick energy boost between meals that would give you not only more natural vitality and endurance but will also keep you from not going overboard with caffeine or other stimulants.

Smoothies are easy to prepare and carry on the road and very easy to consume – you can sip them while you are working, driving to work, working on your computer, etc. Exactly the way you find time and occasion to drink coffee!;)

These are some basic ingredients that I put in my smoothies, tweak them according to your needs and personal taste.  

On the top left: 

Bananas, chunks of frozen mango, arugula

Top right:

Bananas (my favorite base), parsley, barley grass powder, 2 medium frozen figs


Greens, bananas, 2 carrots, tea spoon of Spirulina, cinnamon, scoop of Sun Warrior raw vegan protein:

this brand is absolutely delicious and nourishing, I recommend it!:


Featured image


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