Eden Bread – Healthy and Nourishing as Mother Nature!

As you know, I follow a highly raw plant-based diet. However, I felt inspired to prepare some soulfood for people who are not always bananas for bananas like me and enjoy eating more filling food as the base of their meal. Plus, it is very therapeutic to make it yourself!

Note! The hype about gluten-free options is dramatically exaggerated!

If you don`t have a Celiac disease than is very unlikely to be allergic to gluten; however, many people have sensitivities so stick to gluten-free flour if you`ve experienced issues.  

For the recipe, I used a cup of flour and mixed it with a cup of blended oats and a spoon of flax and sesame seeds for taste.

Add a spoon of vinegar, Himalayan salt, a little bit of baking soda and olive oil and knead the mixture until it forms a shape. Decorate with toppings of your choice and bake until crispy.

Featured image

Like I said, the pleasure of cooking can be for the ultimate satisfaction of feeding not yourself but others!

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