7-Layered Gourmet Birthday Cake – VEGAN

This recipe is a little bit more sophisticated than my usual ones, simply because it is a birthday cake and was intended to be more delicant in taste and prep!

Being very busy myself I absolutely understand the lack of time you folks might have for DIY meals but if you have a friend celebrating a birthday, or other special occasion, than I highly recommend you trying this recipe! Investing energy into making a homemade meal is not only self-rewarding but also attributing to the feeling of the food eaten!


1, 1/5 packages of gluten-free crackers

A cup of oats (blended)

2 cups of Coconut milk 3 ripe bananas and 5 frozen

2 small plums

2 tea spoons of Vanilla

A cup of strawberries

2/3 tea spoons of Unsulfured Molasses

Drops of Lemon Juice

A tea spoon of Cacao Powder (I used Carob)

A tea spoon of Tahini (although Optional)

Coconut Flakes – Unsweetened!

A pint of blueberries 70/80% Vegan dark chocolate

A cup of dried prunes Note! If you want to make this cake fully raw and more lighter – use only oats instead of crackers and Cocoa nibs instead of chocolate. Nevertheless, this recipe is still very moderate in calories, void of processed sugar and full of nutrients!

Now for the making: Usually I encourage you to modify and tweak my suggestions according to what you have at home but for this particular cake I suggest you follow the ingredients as close as you can in order to achieve the taste I was looking for in creating it – tart, juicy and mouthwatering without giving you a sugar rush!

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1st Layer: Soak the crackers in coconut milk (just for a second to get softer but not break).

2nd Layer Adding no liquid, blend the ripe bananas with the strawberries and the cocoa (or Carob), adding Molasses for sweetness and two tea spoons of Vanilla for taste. You can use Stevia as well but Molasses gives a better taste and is more nutritionally dense (not processed like white sugar and rich in Iron and Copper). Add on top of 1st layer.

3rd Layer: Blend the cup of oats until they become a flour and place them on top of 2nd layer.

4rd Layer: Blend 3 frozen bananas (no liquid!) with the two small plums and some lemon juice (for taste!) and place on top of 3rd layer. I added also a spoon of Tahini for creaminess and richness!

5th Layer: Repeat the 1st layer by soaking crackers in coconut milk and placing them on top of 4rd layer.

6st Layer: Blend 1, 1/5 frozen bananas (if large, otherwise two) with a hand of coconut flakes (they give an amazing taste!)

7th and last Layer – By pulsing on low scale, blend the dark chocolate and the prunes until they become like crumbs and gently spread the paste on top. Then decorate with blueberries and you are all set!

I used also Acai Berry Powder (Highly Recommended!), Thai Basil, Sage and Goji.

I didn`t count the layers until I sat down to write the recipe but am not surprised at all with the result – 7 is a magic number and that cake is also transcending into magic in taste!;)

Finally, Make sure to keep the cake in the fridge for at least 6 hours to tighten up and then savor it with a hearty indulgence!

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