Get your bowl! Healthy snack and dinner ideas

Those three recipes are easy to make, cheap and void of any processed ingredients.

You will only need a blender and some fruits, seeds and vegatables.

  1. Hearty mid-afternoon snack: one big Asian apple (or any regular one) blended on low speed with 2 celery sticks, one spoon of raw sunflower seeds, ginger and pumpkin spice for taste and then topped with Goji berries (you can substitute with raisins, dried cranberries, cherries or any other fruit) and another small apple – chopped.

If you prefer a more substantial meal– mash one baked sweet potato (or yam) with Maple Syrup and you will even get similarly looking result.

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  1. I found this combo especially yummy – carbs, greens, plant-based protein and healthy fats altogether.

A bunch of kale blended with celery, oz of strawberries, a spoon of Spirulina (optional!) and a drop of stevia.  By adding stevia you won`t even feel the residue taste of kale, I promise! It tastes absolutely sweet and delicious!

Top your smootie bowl with one ripe banana, oz of pumpkin seeds and a serving of PB2 – which I finally got to try – an alternative to regular peanut butter with 80% less fat. You can find it on Amazon and I personally enjoy it very much, both in plain and chocolaty tastes.

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  1. Savory dish in the heart of the pumpkin season.

As you know, I love salads but as the weather gets chilly I accordingly started to crave more warm foods at dinner time so I add more of them into my salad. Here that is a small acorn squash, baked for about 2 hours.

Salad – bunch of chard, quarter of an avocado and radishes

Dressing:  basil, scallion and half of small zucchini blended with half of one small tomato, chard`s ends (giving the purple color), lime juice and balsamic vinegar.

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I hope you enjoy those recipes and don`t forget to share them with friends!

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