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The antioxidants in berries make your immune system strong, increasing your stamina, endurance and cognitive functions, hence your mood and happiness.

According to the Chinese Medicine, we need to adjust our food habits to the weather and climate that is in season. In other words, your body naturally craves more warming food during fall and winter time (and vice versa).

I love smoothies so much so I just had to figure out how to keep having them when, baby, it gets cold outside. Since I am eating lightly different than in the summer, I am now adding more “warming” ingredients and often excluding the cooling ones (like cucumbers, bananas and most raw fruits). Instead, I am heating my bananas or frozen fruits (either in microwave or in the oven) so that they literally melt on top of my blended greens.

The finished product is always absolutely flavourful, filling, delicious, and to some extent still highly raw.

What you need

Blend kale, a piece of ginger and a spoon of Spirulina (optional) with a full drop of stevia and a tablespoon of Cacao and chia seeds. Add your melting banana and berries on top and serve up with toppings of your choice. I used some sunflower seeds, overnight soaked buckwheat (pre-heated) and PB2. (Info here).

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I hope you enjoy it and make sure to check out my other smoothie-bowl recipes!


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