Citrus Land

I haven`t been sick not once during the flu season. Here are my suggestions how to implement more natural sources of Vitamin C in your diet.

  1. Have enough citrus fruit in stock: you can juice it or eat it plain. 

I love snacking on apples and oranges covered with molasses. Unlike processed sugars,  the blackstrap molasses is very nutritious and rich in iron, magnesium and calcium food, strengthening your immunity. Moreover, it is best consumed together with Vitamin C-rich fruits, which makes the serving of oranges and molasses a multi-versatile combination! 

2. Add it to your porridge!

Oats are considered among the healthiest breakfast foods for a reason – their balanced ratio of complex carbs, protein and essential fats will keep you full for longer and will provide your body with enough fuel for exercise and mental work.

I personally prefer to have fruit or smoothies during the day but sometimes, for lunch, I choose to have (z+)oats.

The recipe is easy: blend one small zucchini with water and stevia and add it to your oats. I topped it also with dried cranberries, chia seeds, orange slices and, of course, my favourite molasses.

3.  Blend it!

Speaking of smoothies, here is one extra potent and anti-fungal vitamin C-infused smoothie recipe:

Blend a cup of fresh orange juice with one small apple, pineapple cubs and 4-5 medium carrots and fortify the nutritional properties of this delicious drink by adding ginger, cardamon and a splash of turmeric. You can add also a tea spoon of flax for omega-3 boost.

Stay healthy and vibrant! The spring is officially here!

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