Colorful plates

If you are vegan, you would probably recognize this meme – hinting how many snacks we -herbivores – carry with us when we travel haha


Well, even if you are not vegan you can still invest some imagination to bring with you various healthy and delicious nature’s fast food options to save yourself from the hunger rush to run to the vending machine and end up eating less desirable options.

When I am at restaurants I always ask for plain steamed vegetables and eat them with Balsamic vinegar and black pepper (no oil) – you wouldn’t believe how tasty unsalted veggies are!


I also like to bring some homemade snack to parties – just chop some fruits, like bananas and tangerines, dried fruits (cranberries, prunes, mango/papaya, etc) and decorate with coconut flakes and arugula.

How to do it:

First, chop one medium banana and quarter of an apple. Place them in the corner of your plate. The middle you can decorate with any colorful fruit of your choice, like tangerines or strawberries. I filled the empty spots with dried cranberries, prunes and dried papaya. You can also use topping like coconut flakes, raw almonds and arugula.

The pesto I made was out of blended raw pumpkin seeds, a touch of date powder (or 2-3 dates) and almond milk for the slight liquid consistency. Put the listed ingredients in a blender and then arrange the finished product on top of the fruits.


It was gone in 30 minutes! 🙂


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