The ‘Universe’ on a plate

I love making my food look beautiful because I am a firm believer that colors in food represent different chakras in our bodies so the more vibrant your food is the more vibrant your health is going to be! It only takes me 10-15min to prepare bowls like this, I hope you are tempted to try this.

To make this one showed in the picture, simply blend bunch frozen (or fresh) kale, one medium cucumber, two small zucchini, a cup of frozen green peas and a bunch of strawberries. When is blended, top it with a tablespoon of raw coconut flour, tons of blueberries and a teaspoon of acai and carob powders.

Here are two other quick-fix recipes:

You need a cup of coconut water, dash of soy milk (optional), basil, chia seeds (a tablespoon), mixed berries, kale&spinach blend (or any greens you have; the more of them the better for your digestion – and, no, you don’t taste them:)) and one small cucumber. You can also add fresh squeezed lime juice and some basil. Blend!:)

Another super easy to make vegan protein shake on the go,  and better than most processed protein bars: a cup of frozen green peas, coconut milk, small pear, blueberries, a tablespoon of hemp seeds and a dash of wheat grass powder for the ‘greens’ kick.

FullSizeRender (2)

Hope you enjoy those recipes!

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