Yellow and ‘Neon’ foods are good for you, why?! The importance of multi-colorful diet

I advise you to add a palitra of fruity shades to your diet not just per se it looks prettier on photos but because it is very valuable for your health to rotate your fruits and veggies in order to obtain their optimal nutritional value.

Mother Nature is remarkably smart in ensuring that we, humans, get everything we need in order to thrive from whole foods, hence providing us with different assortments and tints.

Each color family represents a group of different micronutrients which, combined in a well balanced diet, provide you with every single nutrient you need to be trim, slim, radiant and, most importantly, healthy.

Quick Note, if you eat predominantly plant-based, you DO need to supplement with vitamin B12. It is a vitamin found in soil and given that, sadly, today’s soil is often depleted in minerals, it is likely that even meat eaters, who intake B12 through consuming meat products (since, obviously, cows graze on grass;)), might be not able to absorb a sufficient amount of it.

Therefore, it is recommended that everyone, despite their diet, supplements frequently with B12a vitamin serving to maintain healthy nerve cells and assisting in the production of DNA and RNA, the body’s genetic material.

In a summary,


I don’t like statistics that try to scare you but instead I am hoping to inspire you with this chart to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Here are few of my personal meal suggestions:

Healthy breakfast/lunch on the go:

Blend 2 bananas with heaps of kale, a scoop of raw protein (I currently use Raw Garden) and top with spinach leaves, baby carrots and a serving of frozen mango chunks. You can add some raw, unsalted, pumpkin seeds for extra protein and healthy fats, if you want!


This bowl is made out of 2/3 cups of frozen peas (you don’t taste them, I promise, and are a very portent plant-based source of protein), blended with one small pear, stevia for more sweetness, arugula and one brazil nut (only a single nut per day provides with your daily Selenium requirements, which is pretty cool!), and topped with fresh strawberries and a tablespoon of cacao.

I love adding cumin as well, a spicing herb aiding with digestion and improving immunity:)!


Speaking of nature’s miraculous properties, did you know that yellow watermelon exists? Honestly, I didn’t, before I found this one. So amazing and actually much sweeter than regular kinds! I strongly recommend tasting it!:)


I hope now you will begin buying more fruits and veggies and, in case you haven’t seen, here, I have a post suggesting how to get discounted produce.

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Stay healthy! 


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