Pasta-Free Pasta

Hi friends,

Have you ever wanted a pasta dish that doesn’t live you overly stuffed? If you have heard of the “zoodles” mantra all over the culinary charts, that you already know that such dish exists. If you haven’t, that follow my instructions to learn how to do it – it is very easy!

Ideally, you would need a spiralizer (for about $28 on Amazon) or a spiral slicer (only $8): [look here: spiralizersells]

For the “pasta” you would need 2-3 big zucchini or cucumbers (or more if you are feeding more people). The dressings I recommend should consist of some fats, herbs, fruit and lemon/lime juice (or apple cider vinegar). The simplest would be to stir two tablespoons of tahini with lemon juice, vinegar and water until it gets creamy.

Here are my ideas:

  • Half to a medium avocado, basil, one medium orange, mango or two/three small tangerines, cup of cherry tomatoes, oregano, lime juice, paprika (or chili flakes), a pinch of Himalayan salt (or, what I use, Bregg’s aminos – a low sodium soy sauce rich in amino acids which you can find in Whole Foods, in Super Supplements or online)
  • A tablespoon of tahini  (or two tablespoons of hemp seeds), few celery sticks, piece of ginger, two teaspoons of  Bregg’s aminos, lemon juice, dash of turmeric or curry powder, oregano, onion flakes. Optional: nutritional yeast (rich in vitamin B complex and protein) and dulse (algae rich in Iodine that gives a salty flavour)
  • Two tablespoons of pumpkin seeds, one small pear, two medjool dates, lemon juice, cumin, dill, basil.



By no means am I saying that pasta is unhealthy, just the opposite – complex carbohydrates are a great fuel for your body  (especially if you are working out or being very active during the da) but I personally enjoy lighter meals that don` leave me feel heavy and lethargic after eating.

If you are looking for low-calorie, yet delicious and filling dinner/lunch, zucchini noodles are for you!

Hope you enjoy those recipes and please remember that you can always substitute the listed ingredients based on your taste and available products!

Stay healthy:)



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