Post-Holiday *DETOX* Foods

Holidays are a much desired and needed opportunity for all of u to relax, enjoy food and spend time with our families. However, many people struggle to get back on track after the huge feasting (sometimes, for days), and if you are looking for easy ways to restore your system and feel light again, here are my tips, and neither of them include FASTING:)):

1.  Simple BUT Golden: drink a lot of water, preferably with fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice. Water with added citrus will not only hydrate you but will also speed your digestion and alkalize your body.

2 .Stock on the alkalizing foods in general. According to a basic biochemistry, an acid environment has several adverse effects on cell metabolism, including: impaired energy production, fluid accumulation and edema, and a likely increase in free radical production.


  • Alkaline-forming foods include most fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, seeds and herbal teas.
  • Acid-forming foods include most grains, beans, meats, dairy products, fish, fast foods and processed foods

3. Increase your vegetables. As you know, veggies are low-calorie, fiber-rich foods that will sweep your flora from undigested food (animal products tend to require much longer time to digest than the plant-based ) and keep you fuller. You can easily decrease the volume of food you are consuming in the days post Christmas by adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet (way more calorie-dilute than other foods and very filling because of the fiber!). In this way, you will quickly feel refreshed and motivated to exercise.;)

4. Skip on the extra oils and saturated fats. Holiday meals tend to be heavier on the fat content, and fat, whether ‘good’ or  ‘bad,’ goes directly to your fat deposits if you don’t utilize it for energy in the following days, which will be hard if you have consumed a lot if it in access. Although, you cannot gain pound of fat from one or two extra-rich holiday meals, you can easily continue to crave desserts and greasy foods after the holiday because of the insulin resistance created in the blood stream from the overindulgence in fats (even if you think you are not consuming a lot, remember that animal products are very rich in fat, as well as most snack-foods and all desserts. Same applies to the healthy sources of fat as nuts, seeds, avocados and coconuts)

5. For at least few days in a row, keep all fats (including nuts and seeds) to very small amounts and staw away from store-bought dressings. Most of them are loaded with added sugar, oil, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Make your own instead! I have plenty of dressing recipes on my blog and IG, and if you are in a hurry, stick to apple cider or Balsamic vinegar, lime/lemon juice, spices of your choice (black pepper, oregano, basil, garlic, etc…)

6. Cut down on soda, juices, coffee, energy drinks and alcohol for at least 3 full days. The body is designed to quickly rebound from unhealthy foods, too much caffeine and lack of sleep, but it needs some time off to clean itself and repair.

I hope you implement my tips for few consequent days and I promise you would quickly feel better! Keep in mind that detox foods are called detoxing for a reason and the first day you may experience some headaches. Gulp water, go for a walk and stick to it – the expected results in revitalized energy levels and mental clarity are worth it! 🙂

Stay healthy! <3

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  1. jordanleigh says:

    I totally agree with your first tip to increase veggies. I think when starting a “detox” we tend to think about all the foods we are cutting out. But, if we just tell ourselves we’re adding more veg, all the bad stuff is crowded out 🙂

    1. lunavoda says:

      Yes, exactly. It is an effortless way to get rid of bloating and water retention while still feeling full and energized. Going on a crazy diet after the holidays is the worst way to get back on track:)

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