Summer Sculpt – *NEW*

Hello fitness friends,

I am excited to launch a new class designed to shape every inch of our bodies while elongating the muscles via dynamic stretching, isometric exercises and orthopedic hip opening moves aimed to release stress and sculpt the accessory muscles and give you the limber, strong look of a dancer!
Because we are all dancers on the inside:))

The class will include stranding work, barre toning and mat session. Of course, the music will feature only Balkan music for extra motivation and immersion in this different experience!

The only equipment you need is a yoga/pilates mat or a towel you can bring as a cushion to lay on.

Month Coverage:
June (5 classes) – $52
July (4 classes) -$42

Drop In: $15

Exit Space School of Dance, Studio 1, 7-15pm: 8-15pm.

OPEN TO ALL LEVELS. Modifications always offered to accommodate beginners, intermediate and advanced.:)

Facebook event11411_555608827790608_1551853171_ncol

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