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Hello dance-fit team!

My name is Ana-Maria, your instructor!
My passion for music and dance comes together interchangeably in my classes and my goal and fulfillment is to aspire my attendees to leave the studio in a better mood and with a smile.
Join me in my classes to release stress; dance your feet on invigorating music; be in a unison with your mind&body; get toned without ever hitting a plateau; meet wonderful people… and become part of our weekly party and dance-fit community!

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My Teaching Schedule

Monday – Zumba Gold – 1:15pm-2pm (YMCA Meredith Matthews)

Tuesday – Dance Fitness – 5:30-6:30pm (YMCA Downtown Seattle)

Wednesday – Balkan Dance Fit – 5:30-6:30pm (Culture Shakti Dance Studio)

Thursday – Barre – 10-15-11am (Seattle Athletic Club Northgate); Lean&Tone – 7:30-8:30pm (Compfit, Fremont)

Friday – Barre – 7:30-8;15pm (Exit Space School of Dance) -* October Only!

Saturday – Bulgarian Dance for Kids – 1-3:30pm (Harmony Ballroom, Bellevue)

Sunday – Balkan Dance Fit – 12-1pm (Harmony Ballroom, Bellevue)

About me:

University of Washington graduate (International Studies&Dance), currently pursuing a master`s degree in Counseling and Mental Health; dance-fitness and barre instructor, creator of the unique format Balkan Dance-Fit; healthy food blogger, lifestyle blogger and a writer.

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See you in class!

~ Ana-Maria

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Thank You so much for your kind consideration to support my freelance work, artistic projects and graduate school expanses. *** All of your donations are greatly appreciated and reinvested into this blog`s maintenance.


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