It`s Your Time To Connect Your Body!

Dear Ladies (and Gentlemen),

I am so honored and delighted to share my passion for dance and fitness with those of you who can join my classes in person. 

I am so excited to be adding more freelance classes this season and I invite you to join my Balkan Dance-Fit community.

We not only dance on invigorating music, but also laugh, have fun and break a ton of sweat! Rumor has it, you will feel your muscles tingling in ways you have probably not experienced before and you will feel connected to your body in a way that honors your unique goals and athletic ability.

I ensure you will witness a drastic improvement in your coordination, flexibility and mind&body awareness. And I kindly encourage you to show up to class with openness and receptivity to the experience of learning new skills as you challenge yourself in a positive and empowering way!

Let’s move together! Sundays: 12-1pm (Harmony Ballroom: Bellevue, Wa)


Few testimonies about the class:

Ana-Maria is a very supportive and motivating instructor; her passion for dance and fitness is palpable, and it is always great to work with an instructor that cares deeply about her classes and students.

She’s a great teacher who makes every class fun and different.
Highly recommend for people at all fitness levels from beginners to those who just want to lose the last 10 lbs!.

In addition to the technical merits of her classes, Ana-Maria emulates a pleasant, welcoming, inspirational, and spiritual class environment.

You feel the energy inside and out!
Challenging and exceptional full-body activity that makes you feel like you were born to learn gorgeous choreography moves.

Ana-Maria is just awesome, full of energy and definitely she knows what she is doing.

You can preview all testimonies about my classes here and here.

[You may find more reviews on my page and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me an-email!]

If you cannot attend but know of someone who might be interested, forward this post to them.:)

Charitable Donations

Thank You so much for your kind consideration to support my freelance work, artistic projects and graduate school expanses. *** All of your donations are greatly appreciated and reinvested into this blog`s maintenance.



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