Unleash Your Creativity In Three Steps

I genuinely applaud you if you’re the kind of artist that never faces self-doubt or doesn’t lose courage to practice their craft without ever stumbling over fear or a dead-end of no inspiration to continue. 

However, statistics show that most creative souls do face an immense amount of self-doubt and confidence blocks.

Indeed, it is in our dna to strive to be “perfect” in what we do.

But, in my experience, it is when we COMPLETELY let go of that self-induced belief that our art has to be perfect that we can unleash with no inhibitions our already inbred creative power.  🙋🏻‍♀️

Below are my three pillars of tuning in to creativity – the creativity we all humans have inside us, regardless of our “left”/“right”-side of the brain predispositions.


We express our creative talents differently. Some of us like to play an instrument, to sing, to paint, to cook, to write poetry, to take photos…

Once we find it, we must connect to it and recognize it as our source of intrinsic and omnipresent passion.

When we are passionate about our creative mark, inspiration follows us everywhere we go. 

We begin to “breathe” our art, to exhale creativity and tune in with its medium of expression.


The opposite of passion is stagnation.

And stagnation stems from fear: fear of not being good enough, creative enough, skillful enough, experienced enough, worthy-of-calling-yourself-an-artist enough. 

And that’s why so many people live their lives in regrets for not following up on their childhood passion to play the piano, be a painter, learn how to sing, take more dance classes, etc.

There is this stereotype that if one hasn’t been working on their gift from an early age they are doomed to abandon their needs for creativity and wait for another lifetime to pursue them.

And that’s, in short, the shame of following up on an ideal what creativity is, without honoring your unique life situation.

Whether you have been an artist all of your life, or you suddenly wake up one day in your 40s, with the desire to sing/paint/play an instrument/etc, honor that need.


When you find what makes you feel joyous and creative, you have to begin showing up for it and set time in your life to just do it.

With Love and Care,



I really hope this article inspired You to be more creative.

Please let me know in the comments below if you have ever struggled to be creative and how have you overcome it.

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