Uplift Your Spirit With Those Three Steps

The Universe always has our back, even when we don’t see it. What we don’t know, yet, gets revealed to us, but only when we are not shadowing the signs we invite to receive.
The Universe holds us accountable for our choices as it mitigates their consequences: every move we make either deteriorates, or move us closer to our soul’s purpose on this earth. And we don`t know if we are moving toward the right direction until we are taking action and speeding in momentum. Without regrets or holding on to our comfort zone.
Looking back, there is no Past. Just a distant memory we are transcending into the present day. And is up to us to create memory lines that frame our growth and prepare us to seize the very moment that exists in our heart of mind.

My five strategies to uplift myself when I need the comfort of knowing that the Universe has my back are the following:

  1. Spend loving time alone where you can reflect on your challenges and create a strategy how to move forward. For example: if you feel stuck in a situation that doesn’t seem to be resolving on its own – let go of trying to control it and shift your focus on other projects and activities that bring me fulfillment and destress my mind.
  2. Do yogic sequences that strengthen the spine and stretch the back muscles. The mind&body connection is so vital when we are loosing alignment with our inner sense of security and support. Bringing your awareness on your spinal column creates a physical sense of empowerment and grounding into your power center. I also suggest moving in and out of warrior and child’s poses to detoxify and connect to the earth. 
  3. Sipping tea. Yes, the simple routine of drinking tea when we feel stressed is proved to calm the nervous system and clear our minds. I recommend you spending five-ten minutes alone listening to meditation music and writing affirmations in your journal, such as: I am supported. I am calm and confident in my power. I have a strong body and a strong spirit. I have the ability to conquer my challenges. All is well in my world. I am safe and supported. 

Writing and repeating affirmations is a very very powerful way to create more happy hormones in your body (thus decreasing stress) as well as to teach your subconscious mind the kind of beliefs you want to have about yourself. Writing them down creates a better connection between the cerebral neocortex and your physical self-awareness.

Exercise in combination with mental work and a healthy eating regimen facilities the process of generating more trust and confidence in our power to be strong and self-reliant. 

Credit: Aaron Robbins Photography

Three of the meditations I love.



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