Manifestation Techniques For Goal Setting

The Process of Writing Down Your Goals Is Your Primary Tool For Manifestation

We are approaching the last calendar month of 2018 and right now,  in my belief, is the best time to reflect on our accomplishments from the past year and set the goals we want to keep pursuing from January: in order to fully master their ultimate potential for success and reap the seeds of their fertilization.

Statistics repeatedly remind us that the percentage of the world population that keeps their new year`s resolutions after their initial enthusiasm is, not surprisingly, quite low. The January craze is so short-lived because it doesn`t include a solid foundation that can continue creating the frame work of the intended goal once the “new year” motivation has subsided. Therefore, if we wait for the 1st of January to set our intentions for the next year it’s too late. The new year has already began. 🧠🍸⏱👇🏻
Creating a clear vision for the upcoming 365 days requires time for contemplation and a designated plan with a strategic structure for its execution. The reason why so many people report failing to keep their spontaneous (and heavily Media influenced) new year’s resolutions is because they create them on an impulse that tends to be voided of deep cohesive mind, body&soul connectivity to making it happen.
If you want to be successful in achieving your resolutions you need to be impeccably certain not only that you want it but also and courageously daring to boldly follow it even IF you fail. I am assuring you that you won’t, because there is no such thing as failure, only a learning experience teaching you what not to do next time.:) Plus, I find it that failure rarely happens if we are hundred percent committed to our goal.

Nothing can deteriorates you from your path if you keep moving forward toward its success. It may take longer than intended but usually this gets divinely compensated by the added opportunities for growth we encounter by coping with the setbacks. As with everything, your mindset is in command to how it perceives experiences. There are no “good” or “bad” experiences, after all. Our subconscious mind declares them as such.


Hope you now feel inspired to write down all of your goals for next year in your journal/or on your phone and visualize what (changes) must be done on your part to make it happen.
Comment below what were your intentions for 2018 and what will you be working on in 2019. 👋🏻

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