What Is Dance Fit Ideas

What is your passion?

That one thing that always comes back to you, inspires you to take action and helps you be in harmony with your inner balance and highest self?


I’ve always loved to dance, since I was four-five years old. Dancing, for me, is more than the activity of moving your body to (or even without) music. It’s the inner rhythm, one’s “~ing” (as  Gabrielle Bernstein calls our inner guide), our most natural self-expression. And it’s in all of us. Everybody is designed to move freely and be in balance with their body. 

It is unnatural to be static, sedentary and in a misalignment to our somatic intelligence and mind&body connection.

The way we feel about ourselves is imprinted in our posture, poise and grace. For all genders. When one feels confident and connected to their emotions their body directly synthesizes that cellular information and displays it through movement.

The reason I named my brand Dance Fit Ideas is because dance symbolizes my passion for helping people be more connected to their emotional, mental and physical health.

Fitness is more than an aesthetic value. In fact, it begins with our intention to be fit, in the very idea to change, become better and feel more aligned to who we are, and who we can become once we become truly connected to our ultimate potential.

If you are looking for ways to become more empowered, more confident, more loving, more giving, more centered, more grounded, more appreciated and more successful – in all areas of your life, join me here to receive weekly motivation and resources how to achieve all of your fitness and wellness goals.

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  1. Sartenada says:

    Great post. Thank You. In Finland we dance Tangos and Humppa. Humppa is unknown to You. Here are Humppa steps:

    Humppa dance

    Happy holidays!

  2. Ana-Maria says:

    Thanks for stopping by!

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