About Me


My name is Ana-Maria, the founder of this platform.

The event that propelled my determination to obtain a health and life coaching training at  Health Coach Institute, whose program is certified by the International Coach Federation,  is my own metamorphosis that took place during my independent study at the University Washington (from where I graduated with honors in winter 2018, with a double BA degree in International Studies and Dance); during a span of twelve months I conducted a scholarly research on how does the process of journaling about contact improvisation reveal more about who we are.

Pondering and contemplating upon my improvisation and relationship tendencies, and how they tend to overlap, I gradually developed an unceasing curiosity about how (and, if so, why) does observation and analysis of one’s own patterns of improvisational dance decision-making affect the dancer’s awareness of behavior patterns in other aspects of one’s life. I was curious to find to what extent we can change if we are determined to observe our tendencies and be mindful of patterns that are impeding our growth, success and happiness.

​As we tend to learn mostly from experience, the research I did on self-learning through dancing and journaling confirmed to me that we are never alone in our struggles. I was able to overcome my own hurdles and childhood traumas because of my strong determination to examine my behavior and outgrow traits and patterns that impede my relationships. To further deepen my understanding of the patterns I discerned from the participants` reflections and interviews, during my one-year study I reviewed and cited hundreds of scholarly works from the fields of psychology, interpersonal neurobiology, counseling and dance therapy.

Now I am using the tenets of health coaching to aspire you to become more confident, happier and motivated to achieve your goals.

In my practice I draw from my own experience of overcoming chronic self-doubts, fears of commitment , body dysmorphia and disordered eating (among other things…) to inspire positively others who might be going through similar challenges to take hold of their life and take back their power to change and master their potential for happiness, healthy mind&body, professional success and unconditional (self-)love and acceptance.

I am honored to be offering you the tools and guidance you need to attain your own metamorphosis and create your most ideal future. 



For booking and inquiries please contact me at 
lunavoda@icloud.com /OR via directed message on my INSTAGRAM