Before Booking – Please Read

Welcome to Dance Fit Ideas

My wellness platform is dedicated to offering resources and coaching services that inspire and motivate my readers and clients to change their lifestyle and improve the quality of their life and the quality of their relationship with the world. 

Before scheduling a consultation, please first ask yourself:

“Am I Ready To Change And Improve My Life?”

You are most likely ready to change, if you want to improve an area in your life that helps you:


  • …. to live happier, healthier and more fulfilling and holistic life

  • … to be free from food confusion or chronic dieting

  • … to act, think and feel more confident in your body

  • … to overcome procrastination, self-doubt and self-sabotage

  • …. to stop over(-under)eating and adopt new eating habits

  • …. to break the old habits that hold you back from happiness

  • ….to find your unique balance between health, work and love

  • … to learn how to practice  self-care during your most busy days

  • … to adopt a mindfulness practice that you actively do and  enjoy

  • … to find more purpose and passion in your career and hobbies

  • … to learn how to distress your body and calm your mind

  • … to find your own spiritual path and connect to your intuition

  • …. to manifest the ideal relationship/partner for yourself

  • … to open your heart for unconditional love and belonging

  • ….to develop gradual lifestyle changes that cover all of the listed departments


To inquire more information and book an appointment, please send me an email with your phone number and availability.

*I work with clients remotely. All you need is a good phone service/Internet connection.

With love and care
~ Ana-Maria