Health And Life Coaching Services

As a health&life coach and dance-fitness instructor, my passion is to help people manifest their full potential.  

In my sessions I coach you how to improve your physical, emotional and mental health by employing the principles of mindful eating, self-reflection (with journaling and affirmations) and daily meditation. You will learn how to improve your health, master your confidence, and attain your goals with courage, vitality and unbreakable enthusiasm. I work with clients of all ages, genders and occupations because those principles are universal. However, I always customize my program to everyone’s unique life situation, goals and needs. Even if your question/area for improvement is not listed here, I will implement it in the program, per your request.

By Enrolling Full-Time You Will Receive :

  • Weekly check ins: scheduled phone calls (30-40 minutes each) to discuss our weekly goals/accomplishments/areas for growth
  • Unlimited support: you may always send me emails or texts with additional questions
  • One recorded audio meditation that you can listen on your phone/tablet and do every day/everywhere; renewed monthly
  • A set of five affirmations for optimal health, vitality, abundance and mental health; tailored to your individual needs and updated every 21 days (*it is proven that the subconscious mind requires at least 21 days of daily repetition in order to implant the mental seed, break an old habit, and create a new, positive, one)
  • A customized meal plan and an on-going nutrition advice (we will work together to create a meal plan that you enjoy as we also keep room for occasional treats and indulgences:)
  • A weekly journal entry where you can monitor your physical and mental health. I will be sending you different prompts and questions to help you gauge your progress
  • Promotional bonuses for upcoming courses and programs

The one-o-one sessions are designed for individuals who are looking for a customized guidance around a specific question/problem/goal.  

You may book as many as you need (weekly, monthly, or one-time). Sessions are conducted via phone-call, FaceTime, or Skype. Prior to booking, please first send me an inquiry at


I am honored to be offering you the tools and guidance you need to attain your own metamorphosis and create your most ideal future. 

If you choose to enroll full time, please first schedule a complementary 15-minute consultation with me here, 

or text me directly at (1) 360-431-2077.

~ With Love and Care,