Health&Wellness Coaching Services (Offered Virtually)

As a health coach, meditation practitioner and dance-fitness instructor, my mission is to facilitate habit changes that help my clients to improve their mindfulness and self-care, to build more inner confidence, and to develop a stronger connection to their body, mind and spirit. 

It is the kind of transformation that begins small but gradually sweeps over through your entire life: improving not only health, but also your relationships, self-esteem, stress level, body confidence, and overall enthusiasm for adopting habits that help you to enrich your life. 

The areas I cover in my coaching are: 

  • Health 
  • Self-Love/Confidence
  • Stress Management
  • Fitness and Wellness
  • Connection to That which is Greater

Stress not only has an effect on the biological, and chemical processes of the body, but it also leaks into all the Big Five areas covered in my program. Why?  Because how you do one thing is how you do everything.

If your health is affected by stress, this will be reflected in another area of your life as well. In a corollary, when your mental, emotional and physical health is in check, You tackle every area in your life with confidence, self-awareness, and enthusiasm to grow, learn, connect, improve and succeed.

The benefits of one-on-one coaching include:

  • Systematic guidance on nutrition, meditation, mindfulness, and fitness
  • Detailed check-ins (scheduled once per week) 
  • Ongoing support via emails and text message
  • Practical strategies for success
  • Simple recipe ideas
  • Guidance on when, where and how to eat (to support your goals)
  • Stress relief techniques
  • Customized meditation recordings
  • Individual affirmations that improve your self-talk and confidence
  • + Much More, depending on your unique needs and lifestyle

I work with people one-on-one and have coaching packages that start at $820/month and go up from there, depending on your short and longterm goals. The best way for me to help you decide what’s best for you is if you send me an email (keep scrolling down) and tell me more about your unique story and motivation behind your goal(s).

Together, we will choose a plan that is the most optimal for your goals (and budget!):)  

If you choose to work with me, this impetus that drove you here signifies that your soul is ready (and eager) to guide you through a life-enhancing and self-transforming journey! It might feel overwhelming at times, but is so worth it, and You (dear one) deserve to attain your most optimal emotional, physical and mental wellbeing! 

Looking forward to working with you and being your coach!
~ Ana-Maria

What Others Say

“Ana-Maria is a creative soul and great motivator. She is always there for you to show you new techniques, and provide guidance with caring and positive vibe. And all that is a life changing experience. I found the path to body and mind harmony, thanks to you, Ana-Maria. Please never stop creating and inspiring.” – Rumi G.

“Ana-Maria is the real deal. Sincere in her approach, direct, and strong articulated communication. She cares deeply about her subject and is passionate and inspiring as a speaker and coach. Highly recommend!” – Micah K.

Ana-Maria is just awesome, full of energy and definitely she knows what she is doing.” – Shuk N.

“You are an excellent coach. When I get stuck, you “unstuck” me. You challenge me to succeed, and I am making great progress. Old wounds are healing, and like any wound, it doesn`t happen overnight, but you help me to keep going. Sometimes, I`ve asked a question that I wasn`t sure you could answer, but you were able to explain what was going on and map a course of action to correct it. This has taught me that I can really trust you. Clearly, your training was excellent!” – Ginger R.

“Ana-Maria is a fantastic coach, she has a genuine interest to help her clients achieve their goals and her high energy is refreshing. Highly recommend: 5/5. Chris V.





Disclaimer. The scope of my health coaching practice is not a substitute for a medical treatment of an occurring physical disease and doesn’t provide diagnosis of specific illnesses or disorders. If you suspect you may have an illness that may require medical attention, please consult with a licensed physician.

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