Mindful Eating

This post is for anyone who has experienced food addictions, disordered or compulsive eating; as well for those who haven’t, but are eager and ready to nutrionalize their diet.

Super Green(s) Sweet Smoothies

Greens are one of the most basic superfoods you can find: rich in chlorophyll, various macronutrients, vitamins and amino acids (a.k.a protein building blocks). Even if you are not a … Continue reading Super Green(s) Sweet Smoothies

The pleasure of eating clean

Some books I recommend and a smoothie recipe. In The pleasure trap, the authors offer unique insights into the factors that make us susceptible to dietary and lifestyle excesses, and … Continue reading The pleasure of eating clean

I love my SALAD!

Recently I`ve been feeling more and more prone to experiment with my salad dressings and decoration. For example, you easily turn your zucchini into delicious raw noodles by adhering to this great and yet … Continue reading I love my SALAD!