Raw Carrot Cake (Nuts-Free)

How To Prepare A Raw Vegan Carrot Cake: GlutenFree and NutsFree: sweetened only with fruit.
Easy To Make And Very Delicious!

Citrus Land

I haven`t been sick not once during the flu season. Here are my suggestions how to implement more natural sources of Vitamin C in your diet. Have enough citrus fruit in stock: you can juice it or eat it plain.  I love snacking on apples and oranges covered with molasses. Unlike processed sugars,  the blackstrap…

What I ate on the road – Vegan and Healthy!

I was very lucky this summer to spend a month and a  half travelling – visiting Bulgaria, Switzerland, France, Lichtestein and Canada. Even though my trip was hectic and on a low budget I managed to eat halthy and in abundance by snacking on dried fruit like figs while in Europe and on locally harvested…