The ‘Universe’ on a plate

I love making my food look beautiful because I am a firm believer that the colors in food represent different chakras in our bodies so the more vibrant your food … Continue reading The ‘Universe’ on a plate

“No fig left behind” Smoothie

Smoothie bowls are a great way to get full and satiated while feeling light and energetic. Equation coming from choosing raw wholesome foods over packaged and high-fructose processed breakfast goodies that … Continue reading “No fig left behind” Smoothie

Nature`s candy smoothie: No sugar!

Whether you are a devoted fruit lover or just trying to find healthy alternatives to your favorite sweets, this recipe will leave you satiated! What you need: Frozen strawberries (I … Continue reading Nature`s candy smoothie: No sugar!

Sprilized zuccini salad

I finally got to purchase a spiralezer – a handy tool for making noodles out of raw vegetables and also creating beautiful shapes with them for decoration. Feeling inspired to … Continue reading Sprilized zuccini salad

`Eat your veggies` salad

Einstein said: Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But Not Simpler. The key to mindful eating is to eat simple food that is plentiful in nutrients. Even if … Continue reading `Eat your veggies` salad