Get Back Your Power!

Struggling to get back on your feet after a big set-back? You have the power to pick yourself together and move on.
The obstacles we face are not there to stop us, but to teach us, and test how we will react.

The Importance of “Preserving” Positive Feelings

Psychologists have researched the benefit of “positive memories” on our brain. By remembering those times from the near past that made us feel at our best and the most happiest we can tap into a “positivity- preservation” mode.
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Peace Begins With Surrender

In this post I share an affirmation for inner peace by Deepak Chopra.
The most effective way to approach uncertainty and disappointment is by allowing the events of our discontent to unfold without our interference.

How to Scientifically Conquer Negativity

A negative bias is a term used by psychologists (as Dr. Rick Hanson, in his book Hardwiring Happiness) to describe our human tendency to concentrate on the negative and neglect or minimize the positive.
Learn how to fight negativity and teach your brain to contain the positive more efficiently.

A Return To Love

In her book, A Return to Love, Marianne Williamson shares her own experience of transforming fear into love and overcoming behavioral traits that prevented her from attracting love.Β 


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