Whiter Teeth Naturally: With Charcoal and Coconut Oil

How To Use The Oil Pulling/Charcoal Method To Whiten Your Teeth


Bit By Bit: Get Healthy with Beets

I love beets because they are very grounding, satiating and rich in fiber and minerals as iron, magnesium and potassium.  Add more beets into your diet and you would easily drop few inches as you would be staying fuller for longer and the beets would facilitate your liver to get rid of toxins and excessive…

Citrus Land

I haven`t been sick not once during the flu season. Here are my suggestions how to implement more natural sources of Vitamin C in your diet. Have enough citrus fruit in stock: you can juice it or eat it plain.  I love snacking on apples and oranges covered with molasses. Unlike processed sugars,  the blackstrap…