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Ana-Maria is a creative soul and great motivator. She is always there for you to show you new techniques, provide guidance with caring and positive vibe. And all that is a life changing experience. I found the path to body and mind harmony, thanks to you, Ana-Maria. Please never stop creating and inspiring. ~ R. G.

Ana-Maria is a fantastic coach, she has a genuine interest to help her clients achieve their goals and her high energy is refreshing. Highly recommended 5/5. ~ M. K.

Ana-Maria is a very supportive and motivating instructor and health coach; her passion is palpable, and it is always great to work with an instructor that cares deeply about her students. ~ C. V. 

In addition to the technical merits of her classes, Ana-Maria emulates a pleasant, welcoming, inspirational, and spiritual class environment. ~ T. K. 

Ana-Maria is just awesome, full of energy and definitely she knows what she is doing. ~ S. N. 

Ana-Maria’s class is simultaneously challenging and transformative: her classes teach me how to find balance in my life and in my body. Each class begins by setting an intention, a metaphor to consider while we do strengthening and flexibility building exercises. She gives us guidance and words of encouragement and empowerment throughout the class and then we end with a guided meditation which imparts stillness and deep relaxation. It’s like dance therapy! I go home blissed out after every class, and I recommend her classes to everyone, especially those seeking personal reintegration. ~ C. B.


Ana-Maria truly knows her craft and is truly passionate about helping you get in better shape. She’s amazing! ~ I. M. 

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